Chemicals for heavy industry and energy

For many years, our company has been supplying customers with solutions that are helpful in workplaces. We have a selection of products for many industries, including the heavy industry and energy sectors. These are measures intended for both cleaning and carrying out other tasks as part of the ongoing work.

Reagents and chemical raw materials are used, among others, to perform analyzes for research purposes, as well as for the production of various types of products. Our products allow you to get rid of dirt on machines, the ground or other surfaces. We provide our clients with nitric and sulfuric acid, anti-foaming agents and industrial salt. We also offer a number of other raw materials and reagents, and our advisers will be happy to advise you when purchasing.

Our chemicals for the heavy industry and energy are proven products from the plants of renowned producers. In addition to the assortment listed on the website, we also have the option of importing other resources that you need.