Summer road maintenance

You need to take care of the proper condition of the road surface not only in winter. Also in these warmer seasons, especially with intense sun and little rainfall, they may require additional maintenance. Cracks may form on asphalt roads that will need to be filled, and grassy shoulders should be mowed regularly, but a certain type of road that requires special attention during the summer months - unpaved gravel roadways.

During summer droughts, each drive along such a road raises clouds of dust into the air. Such situation is unfavorable both for nearby ecosystems and for the inhabitants. Dust settles on facades, gets inside and causes quick soiling of air-conditioning devices. The dust cloud is also a big risk for drivers and pedestrians - limited visibility can lead to accidents. Contrary to appearances, this type of road is quite expensive to maintain - it is possible that the passing cars cause significant losses in the pavement on a yearly basis, which must be regularly supplemented.

The solution that will allow you to properly take care of unpaved roads is calcium chloride available in our offer. This substance is highly hygroscopic - by absorbing moisture from the air, it creates a liquid that penetrates the road and perfectly binds sand and gravel. Compared to other substances used to stabilize sandy roads, calcium chloride is much more efficient, and most importantly completely neutral to the natural environment, so it does not harm plants and animals.

The benefits of using calcium chloride are primarily the increase in pavement integrity and strength. Reduced dust does not limit the visibility of drivers and does not cause problems with air quality. Calcium chloride solution also allows for large savings, both in terms of materials used for hardening the road and those needed for its future maintenance.