Water and sewage

As part of the wide offer of our company, we provide a selection of preparations intended for use in industry. Among them, chemicals for sewage treatment plants and for water treatment are available. We provide products that will help you meet the applicable standards related to the nature of your business. Chemical raw materials are intended, among others, for the textile, machine or food industries. Thanks to our preparations, you will carry out effective and safe water treatment to the state needed to implement specific processes in the company. We also provide products that allow it to be prepared for drinking purposes.

In our offer you will find raw materials for sewage treatment plants, allowing you to carry out all tasks as part of this type of activity. We offer such means as: nutrient media for bacteria, various types of coagulants, ammonium nitrate and others. We also provide free assistance in the selection of appropriate compounds. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information!

Treatment of drinking and industrial water


Wastewater treatment


What are chemicals for wastewater, such as chlorine or soda lye?

H2O is a raw material commonly used in industry, and in the life of an individual a compound necessary to carry out virtually most hygienic and economic activities. Unfortunately, in its raw form, it is not suitable for everyday use, and certainly should not be consumed.

H2O treatment for industrial and consumption purposes is aimed at purifying the compound of any potentially hazardous substances related to human activities. These are, m.in, fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals. Disinfection of drinking water and water from sewage is carried out using agents with strong bactericidal properties, such as chlorine, soda lye or sodium hypochlorite, which is a combination of these two substances: chlorine and lye.