Treatment of drinking and industrial water

Best-Chem deals with the distribution of chemical compounds, thanks to which it is possible to professionally and effectively treat water - both for drinking and industrial purposes.

The offer includes a wide range of measures that will allow you to treat water - so it meets the standards, including as process water e.g. for:

  • food industry - it requires almost the quality of drinking water,
  • textile industry - free of color, iron or manganese compounds and softened to enable effective washing and softening of fabrics,
  • paper - with low oxidisability and color, without manganese and iron,
  • machine - demineralized water, which is distinguished by low conductivity, is most often required here.

We also provide chemicals that will allow water to be treated to drinking level and more.

We offer a wide range of chemicals, delivered in safe and functional tanks, in the required quantity. You can order from us, among others modern substances such as:

We also guarantee technical advice - support in the selection of coagulants, polyelectrolytes and polymers as well as substances that will allow the coagulation of water admixtures.

We look forward to working with you!