Advice on the selection of chemical compounds

From the food, agricultural and textile industries, to heavy industry, energy, water treatment and wastewater treatment, as well as construction - chemical compounds are needed everywhere to support industrial processes.

In order for them to run properly, modern and high-quality substances are necessary, and above all - correctly selected. At Best-Chem, you have a chance not only to buy chemical compounds, but also to get help when it comes to selecting polyelectrolytes, coagulants and other substances from our catalog.

Professional selection of polymers and other chemical compounds

Best-Chem is created out of a team of experts in the field of chemistry. We are people who have been dealing with the industrial use of chemicals for many years. Thanks to this, regardless of whether it is the selection of polyelectrolytes for water and wastewater treatment, coagulants or other products - we provide comprehensive, bespoke support.

  • We are at your disposal at every stage - before the purchase, as well as after finalizing the transaction, to advise you during the process.
  • We analyze your needs and tasks in detail, thanks to which we select appropriate coagulants, polymers and substances necessary for the coagulation of water admixtures effectively and precisely.

We look forward to working with you!