Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is a necessary and common procedure - both for industrial purposes and those related to water management. To make it possible, among others removing foam from wastewater or getting rid of other sediments, as well as impurities or chemicals that have been dissolved in them, colloids and suspensions - a three-step process is used.

Wastewater treatment is carried out mechanically in the first phase, then in the oxygen sludge process, and then in the activated sludge process, with nitrogen and phosphorus removal. To be effective, appropriate chemical raw materials are necessary. They ensure that the removal of foam from wastewater and other contaminants are removed safely, efficiently and in an optimal time.

Wastewater treatment: order modern chemical raw materials

If you are involved in wastewater treatment, we invite you to cooperate with BEST-CHEM. As experts in the distribution of chemical compounds, we will offer all the raw materials necessary in this process, including:

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